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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Homosexuality and Nigeria

Today, I was doing what I do when I'm bored and can't sleep. No, not watching pr0n. Perv! I was going through our sitemeter stats and I found this blog. I was talking about how hard it is to find openly gay Nigerians on twitter the other day. The girl* that runs the blog is gay or queer, I don't know the appropriate term so excuse my ignorance.

I admire her.

I wish I was that brave. Knowing how homophobic most Nigerians are, coming out publicly is a very ballsy move. I have my own history of homophobia so I'm not going to claim I was always down with the cause. I used to think gay people were less than human until I actually met a gay person in the flesh. He was human like me, he went through the same shit I went I did. He hated homework too. Who wudda thunk it?

A friend showed me this video of a gay pastor in Nigeria. I would embed it but "Embedding disabled by request". The same friend also told me the church was burnt down by Nigerians. I am not going to sit here and claim I know what is wrong or right but I think people should be judged based on their character and not who or what they are attracted to.

The video comments are in typical outraged Nigerian style: poorly punctuated and vicious.

How come u call urself a pastor wen u r leading many souls to hell.repent, preach d truth,win souls for Christ n stop these ur nti-christ preaching.i hope u remember vividly well in d Bible about what happened 2 Sodom n jst dont let d anger of God be upon u n those dat follow u in misleading children of God n for turning The Bible upside down.Read this book"4 HOURS INTERVIEW IN HELL". Please repent n be saved!!!!!!!!!!

Leviticus chapter 18 vs 22, 1 corinthians chapter 6 vs 9, Romans chapter 1 vs 26, all diz verses 4rm d bible strongly criticized same sex union. Pastor Rowland Jide Macaulay, or what eva u are been called, u must be a liar & full of deciet 2 claim u love GOD & still lie abt his scriptures, just 2 mak a way 4 ur lustful emotions. If u continue in dis heinous act & fail 2 accept GOD wholeheartedly, u are gonna burn in hell!!

God Punish You, you are a false prophet.
Seen as you are a theologist, explain the scripture above. PLEASE.

I wish I could explain homosexuality but I can't. However, I know this much: being gay is not a choice.

Now I'm done with the serious, we can get back to the funnay

*UPDATE: The blog is run by a girl not a dude. The picture with the beard threw me off. My apologies. Thanks Ife & Miss Fizzy


  1. I personally dont think that being gay is a choice cos i doubt anybody would wake up one morning and go:'my life is too perfect, i need to be gay and suffer a little' cos seriously they suffer a LOT!!!
    you should listen to skim:your eyes.a poem on youtube performed on def poetry.

  2. I was talking about this on twitter the other day. It's funny how most people consider homosexuality a bigger sin that fornication/adultery..SIN is SIN in the eyes of God. We also have to remember that God is love and he hates the sin but LOVES we sinners..That the reason why he sent his son to die for us sinners not people that are already saved...I really can't take a stand/argue whether homosexuality is wrong/right. There are some things that we won't understand till we get to heaven. In the mean time, homosexuals should be treated with the same love and respect as we would treat other humans...Sorry the long post..hehehe...
    P.S. The owner of the 9ja gay blog is a WOMAN not a dude..She also has an amazing blog about natural hair!

  3. The owner of the blog is a biological female that doesn't mind being addressed as he, she, or they so I guess the writer was right to refer to her/him/them as he.

  4. Thanks Ife and Miss Fizzy.

    I've read the blog before and I was sure it was a girl. Then I read it today and I saw a picture of her as a dude and it sorta threw me off.

    THanks for clearing that up though

  5. honestly, i feel dat if u aren't gay or once was, u can never fully understand it.
    I wont want to hear that my child is gay, but i have absolutely no issue interacting with anyone dat is...matter of fact,it doesnt bug me.

  6. I am gay well not gay but bisexual and idk if I can say its by choice but yay to her openness!