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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rant No.4 - Teh Ghey Agenda

Nigerians are homophobic but there are some of us that think we know better and aren’t. But those guys are full of shit and they are no fun anyway. Girls with gay best friends are as bad as girls with fat best friends. You whores know you become instantly hotter when you hang out with such unless the guy in question has a weird fat fetish. Which is totally acceptable…like really…big girls need love too…ok, I’ll shut up now because my foot is way down my throat that it might just induce barf.

My aunt thinks there’s a gay conspiracy in Hollywood and the sudden inclusion of gay people on TV is part of the supreme plan to draw all hetero people to the ghey side. I love my aunt to death and I wish she was my mother but that has to be the most ludicrous claim I’ve heard since I claimed that Osama Bin Laden attacked America because America was approaching Sodom and Gomorrah levels. Yes, I have my own history of blatant homophobia.

I don’t blame Nigerians for being homophobic. There aren’t that many gay people in Nigeria so it is easy to be taken aback by two dudes making out. Note I said “dudes” because with girls it’s completely different. Two girls making out with in public could either be
1. Attention seeking whores or
2. Drunk attention seeking whores.

But not lesbians because lesbians don’t play that shit. And real lesbians aren’t that hot anyway.

Nigerians and the ghey community are just like Anglo Americans and their Negro counterparts. It might look like they get along but they inherently dislike each other. But I voted for Obama and my best friend is black so I can’t be racist. Well, I know a gay guy and we were on the same beer pong team. He even smacked my ass when we won…no homo.


  1. i don't know nosa. I think nigerians think homosexuality is a disorder. like a sickness. but they dont hate sick people lol, they just pity them, as long as you dont hit on them. obviously some ppl go around beating gays but they are in the minority. i also think that homosexuality in america is vastly different from homosexuality in nigeria. there are many gay bars along bar beach and they have been there for a while. there are also many transgender people up north, not to mention all the nasty stuff that happens in boarding school esp the same sex ones in the bushes. i guess its a dont ask dont tell policy because the problem is when gay people start demanding rights like marriage and that 'flaunting' their gayness. to nigerians its like a child who comes last in class boasting about it. yes we know you come last in class, no we dont want to discuss it, and hell no ---are you freaking proud that you are coming last? you want us to give you a prize on prize giving day? there is something wrong with you indeed

  2. you guys suck. this whole blog sucks. and you nosa are a narrow minded ignorant prick. sugabelly seriously? How can you be friends with a person that talks about girls in the most disrespectful manner? I'm beginning to understand why that bakura or whatever took advantage of you. Maybe you subconsciously like being treated badly by men, i'm outta here!

  3. haha
    panties in a wad much
    sugabelly...i am disappointed are friends with i'm like the most narrow minded and ignorant prick evah!!!


  4. @ Nosa
    You're so silly but we shall discuss that later...

    @ Marcus
    {Just because I know you're going come back}
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions ne c'est pas?

  5. Says who? Abeg new story, nigerians have a lot of gays, or Dl guys. I went to boarding school and you always caught 2 guys doing it