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Friday, September 3, 2010


I know a lot of peeps (including me) have problems with all these Naija girls that are nurses here in Yankee, and prob other foreign countries. If you look at the trend of the Nigerian divorces here in Yankee, the woman is usually a nurse...and to my own perspective, i think its cos they feel they making so much money and dont really give a F**k about whatever.
But thanks to my sister from another mama (Chizoba Anako) who is a well seasoned nurse, and she wrote an article giving a deep explanation of Naija girls and nursing programs. Pls read this, cos this is very informative

Letter to my Nigerian “Husband/Boyfriend” let me educate you” From an educated professional “Nigerian Nurse” RN, B.S.N………by Creamy

Okay so I have sat down and watched relentlessly the way “Nigerian female nurses” are portrayed and scrutinized by “Nigerian men”. I have taken it upon myself to educate my fellow Nigerian men in regards to their perception of female Nigerian nurses in America. Occasionally, I visit blogs and different websites both nationally and internationally especially Nigerian blogs, and it’s shocking to see the kind of negative image and press “Nigerian nurses” receive on a daily basis, and I mean literally. So I have decided to set the record straight.

 I interviewed some of my male friends, made a few phone calls, sent out text messages, and emails and asked them, to reply in one simple sentence “Your perception of “Nigerian female nurses in America”? They replied…. “Overbearing and act like their shit don’t stink”, “cocky, arrogant to an extent, stupid to think $60,000 is a lot of money” “like to be independent”, “They think say na only them, dey make money sef”, “ I can’t stand them and their stupid 2-year degrees” “So what you be nurse, that does not equate to doctors salary abgeii”, “ After all I brought her here, and sent her to the nursing school” the emails, text messages and phone calls kept pouring in the entire day. My reply to these statements PLEASE DON’T COMPARE APPLES TO ORANGES……….

For example, lets take a 21-year old girl who lived in Ajegunle, Lagos, she manages to win the lottery and enters America and decides to go into a 2-year technical LPN program (am going to expantiate on the different levels of nursing shortly). She graduates after 2-years comes out making $54, 000 without over-time, but with over-time or 2 jobs, she is able to pull in 70-85k (dead serious) a year, obviously this is a lot of money for her considering where she comes from, so yes she is going to act like her “shit don’t, stink”, she is going to throw it in your face constantly, and act like someone died and made her queen of Sheba. On the other end you have a 21-year old girl, who enters America with a visa or lottery whatever the case might be, she lived in Lekki gets to the states and decides to enroll into a 4-year Bachelor degree program. She graduates and start earning about $74,000- 85k a year depending on her specialty (and my stats are current, 2010) this Lekki babe won’t go around acting like she is the, and I quote “shit” or her shit don’t stink, you know why? Because this is not new money to her, she grew up in a cosmopolitan and more comfortable family sector in Nigeria, comes from a very good “background” to be more specific” upper-middle class family”, she would have no superiority complex whatsoever.

The fact that most Nigerian men will go around generalizing all nurses in the same category is absurd how do you compare a 2-year Technical degree nurses character to that of a professional RN or DNP (PHD holder in nursing)? The fact is that at the end of the day “Levels dey” you can write off all nurses as been “arrogant” or going about saying what’s the “Big deal, if you make 70k a year”. Most nurses act like that based on their education level and background. One of the guys I asked about his perception of Nigerian Nurses said to me via text “ you can never take a thug out of the hood regardless of how u dress it” where is all this leading to?

Nursing as a whole is a profession and needs to be recognized as one. It is not just “money making venture” which most Nigerian men perceive it to be, and there are different categories and levels of nursing and I would love to enlighten you guys ASAP and they are as follows: and I point out my stats with salary included, in respond to one of the blogs I recently read today.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): Attended 2-year technical school ($54-60k a year)
Registered Nurse (RN): 2-year associate degree (60k-74k a year)
Registered Nurse (RN), B.S.N: 4-year Bachelor degree (74k –100k a year)
Advance Practical Nurse (APRN), MSN: 2year Masters Degree holder (96k-155k a year)
MSN, ED: 2years Maters Degree in Education (85k-100k)
DNP (Doctorate Nurse Practitioner):  2 years doctoral program (155k –250k a year)

My fellow Nigerian men I dey greet you and I say this with all respect, STOP comparing every single Nigerian nurse you see BIKO, some of us are humble and don’t need to constantly throw our profession in your face, not every Nigerian girl goes around calling their husbands/boyfriends “dead beats” because they make more than their husbands do. At the end of the day, 2 things matter FAMILY BACKGROUND and LEVEL OF EDUCATION. So enough with all these articles about Nigerian nurse this, Nigerian nurse that………I don tire with all the bashing and quite frankly irritated!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop this over generalization and the skepticism.


  1. lol

    well said oh...i think i should move to the what they pay compared to this place..nice

  2. interesting, but the money you mentioned is not 100% accurate. you didnt even talk about how hard one has to work to make such money and how many jobs both full and part time, agency and registry one has to do to make such an amount in a yr. as for those who go around saying nurses make a lot of money and nurses are arrogant really have ISSUES

    1. I believe the writer had indicated that it all depends on the level of education and background. My sister is an RN - went to nursing school in Nigeria and had a good job in Nigeria until she relocated to the USA. She has a BSN and and MBA and is makning over a $100,000.00 per annum yet you will not see her runn all over the place competing unecessarily or running her husband down. She is very focused on her family - her children, their education, general welbeing, her husband and the growth of her family as well as her career. Nurses are humans but when a guy brings a girl to the USA with the sole purpose of makingher the bread winner of the family and fulfill her role as a wife and mother to maximum efficiency, it creates tension especially in the USA that is riddled with stress. You cant have it both ways, guys. Granted some of the nurses are wack but the generalization should stop!

    2. I did like this article because the view of people about Nigerian nurses is bad. They forget the treatment our men give us. Once a Nigerian man marries a nurse,he will be a stay home man.He has graduated.Is the duty of the woman now to be a wife and a man at the same time.No support from the man again. Is alarming what Nigerian Nurses go through in the hands of these men.

  3. I have a feeling i know this Chizoba.....

  4. I agree with the OP that the level of education and family background does determine how the so-called naija nurse behaves.
    However the aspect she failed to mention is that of the @#$%^& men who go to nigeria to marry that 21 yr old girl, and then bring her to america to study nursing. They hope that after she makes the money, she would just had it over to them as a diligent wife is supposed to do.
    But abeg helep me on this matter o; The guy was too proud/ashamed to be a nurse but will allow his wife to do the dirty work for him? Yes I said it nursing is down and dirty at the bedside whether you have LPN, RN, MSN or PHD. But as long as you dont work in a hospital you're okay.
    Then the guy would sit at home, spend the money that the woman is bringing in. yes I have seen it before. Please is anyone else seeing what is wrong with this picture?
    When you give up your position as breadwinner to become the "woman" of the house then katakata would burst very soon. (excuse my vernacular).
    Another thing the OP was wrong about are the wage rates. I dont know where she got them rates from!!!! unless she lives in california where the cost of living is very HIGH. Please send me the name and number of any LPN making $54-60k in the USA except cali; The FBI is already looking for them.
    I will use myself as an example. I graduated with a BSN and was offered $20 per hr starting rate. abeg how does that translate to $70,000? Her calculator must be broken.
    We must consider the fact that nurses work 36hrs per week
    so $20*36 = 720*4weeks =2880per month*12 =$34560 per year.
    But maybe it is because of the state I live in but another friend with a BSN is earning $28 perhr with 40hrs a week =53760 a year so please get your facts straight before posting unreal wages.
    This is why every tom,dick and okoro wants to send their wife to nursing school because they think she will be making $50 perhr. Please support her and send her to medical school instead. She'll love and appreciate you better. But that doesnt alleviate your responsibilities as the man of the house o.
    Naija AnonyNURSE RNBSN

  5. LOL. thanks for the clarification but the pay rates are very unrealistic.

  6. Your figures are unconsciounably exaggerated. Even in California, there are no BSN, RN with an Ed.D that makes 100k. There are no accredited post regular masters DNP that is doable in 2 years. Besides this, no DNP, anywhere in the US makes 150k, except if it an owner-run business. Think of it, some physicians (doctors) who spent forever in school (4 years for BS, 4 years for medical degree and at least 3 years for residency) still earn between 90k and 120k.
    Nursing, without doubt is a good profession while individuals' character is another. But haba, lie na lie. This article get am for plenty.

    1. Ahem...nurse practitioner here, did my MSN in 2 years at highly regarded Ivy League school, $40K a SEMESTER. And, in Alaska, I made $150,000 if you included the signing bonus spread over 3 years. so, STF up.

  7. I agree with the writer only to the extent that how a Nigerian nurse in America treats her husband is a function of her background and education but disagree with the implied conclusion that it is only nurses from the lower cadre of the Nigerian society that treats their Nigerian husbands abroad badly. in the first place, it is common knowledge that women from the upper class more often than not think that they know too much and this impacts on their relationship with their men. This can be confirmed by just looking comparatively at the level of divorces between couples from the upper class and those from the lower class even with the Nigerian society itself. Whether a woman treats her husband as one depends entirely on her willingness to do so, and this in turn is a function of humility. Can it be successfully argued in general term that a young girl raised in Lekki or Ikoyi will be more humble than the one raised in Ajegbule? I think not even though you may have exceptions here and there! Having said that, I want it be noted that power corrupts and absolute power, especially, absolute power of wealth corrupts absolutely. it is also pertinent to point out that our women especially those from the Igbo part are raised with the view that it is the absolute duty of the man to provide for his family as its head. if for any reason good or bad the woman becomes the breadwinner of your family as a man, it would take absolute enlightenment and practical Christianity for the woman not to look down on you as a man. And when I say enlightenment I don't equate it to just being proficient in English, maths and anatomy or biology whether as or masters or Phd holder!

  8. So pathetic...they make a descent salary...but....they won't pay for a maid to clean there dirty

  9. I believe the writer had indicated that it all depends on the level of education and background. My sister is an RN - went to nursing school in Nigeria and had a good job in Nigeria until she relocated to the USA. She has a BSN and and MBA and is makning over a $100,000.00 per annum yet you will not see her runn all over the place competing unecessarily or running her husband down. Why don't you join and find out what other guys are saying. Many ladies do not believe this and that is why most of forget where they came from and misbehave. Too bad

  10. Thank you for sharing. Its informative and full of information.

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