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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is where your offering money is going

I am a firm believer in separation of church and state so I am strongly against religious leaders running for public office. When you mix both, you get something like this

Chris Okotie is running for president and as you'd expect, I'm fully against it. Why can't he just continue leading God's children to the promised land? What is his platform anyway? How is he going reduce our dependence on oil? Are we just supposed to blindly donate/support his cause because he's a pastor? What political experience does he have anyway?

You know what? Screw this! I'm running for president.
Presidential Candidate of Fresh Democratic Party (FDP) in the 2011 election, Reverend Chris Okotie, is soliciting for funds from Nigerians for a successful campaign. The pastor of Household of God Church in Lagos State, South West Nigeria, intends to succeed President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan next year. Through text messages, Okotie has called on Nigerians to join his dream and support his party through financial contributions made to a Diamond Bank account. “Fresh Democratic Party needs your support. Kindly send your donations to Chris Okotie Campaign Fund Account 05 720100031** Diamond Bank. Thank you,” his party said in the text message. - PM News.

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