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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nigeria is 50!!! Pop Son'tin!!!!

Some people are going to go all deep today and whine about how Nigeria is a "fool @ 50". All those negative Nonsos are just bitter no one is inviting them to chop party rice. I don't blame them. If I had to spend independence day on my own, I'd be mad too. As for me and my house, we are celebrating 50 years in style.
Beer pong? No, we are playing palmwine pong. Suya on deck. I flew some Hausa people to get it done right. As a bigz boys, I gast represent.

On a serious note though, I hear people talk about how they are ashamed to be Nigerian and how Ghana has taken our spot (tufiakwa). You can miss me with all that. I'm proudly Nigerian, probably jingoistic too. I can't think of anything I'd rather be. Ok, I lie, I'd rather be Brazilian. Bros, Brazilian babes toh behd!!! But that's a story for another day on another blog under another name.

Nigeria is bigger than the people in power. These people will come and go but Nigeria will still be here. Nigeria needs her people to be proud of her. There may be some moments of extreme hand-fallage...

...but there are times she makes us proud.

If you ever feel embarrassed to be Nigerian, look at the bright side, you aren't Ghanaian. 

Happy independence day, Nigerians. 


  1. so you can't even post a blog on Nigeria's golden jubilee without mentioning Ghana eh?? they already celebrated their golden jubliee oo.. and do u know that Naija's independence is also celebrated in GH?? In Accra, and Kumasi!! why? cuz there are lots of nigerians in Ghana!! and the event is titled home away from home... 9ja.. GH.. we are very similar... stop the hating.. oh wait.. that's what you do best :)

  2. A Ghanaian posted the first comment on a Nigerian blog about Nigeria's independence. I won't even say anything, I'm just happy you acknowledge that I'm a professional hater.

  3. what's wrong with a Ghanaian commenting on Nigeria's independence?? i love Nigeria as well as Ghana.. who said only Nigerians can love Nigeria?? Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!

  4. Mehn... that picture of Yekini celebrating the first goal against Bulgaria in 94... I was only 6 but i remember the feeling of Pure Pride. I love my people

  5. i swear we could be siblings!!!
    ive been saying on twitter no matter how people keep comparing naija, naija still has the 2nd largest economy in africa behind SA, Ghana is nowhere near us.
    im proudly nigerian, tomorrow you'll see a lot of post saying stupid ish like 'what are we celebrating?' when most of them havent been home in like 10 years, they are not doing anything to help just talking and blogging.
    rolling my eyes
    im going to a nigerian party with my white friends, screw stupid fake unpatriotic nigerians.

    happy independence day naija!!!

  6. Don't lie, Gifty. You know you wish you were Nigerian. haha

  7. Through thick and thin.. I still love my country... Foolish or not @ 50... I wouldnt be any other nationality! Naija for life... we shall discuss our future after that champagne pop men!

    But we are not forgetting o... Nigeria will not become better with mouth.. Join the movement...


  9. stupid nigerian cunts think they are better than everyone else. fuck 419 nigeria muthafuckers!!!