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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pastor stops wedding II

Remember  that wedding that got stopped because the pastor thought homegirl was pregnant? Well, there's good news. They got married!

Apparently, they just drove to a marriage registry as soon as they left the church. Simples.

 I told y'all about a wedding that was called off at the altar by the Assemblies of God Church some weeks back.  If you missed it, read it here. The couple, Peter and Mary Akoussun, have put the incident behind them and are now married. They opted for a registry wedding. They were said to have gone straight from the church to Ojodu Marriage Registry with family and friends to formalize their union. The groom told reporter Foluso Samuel of Encomium mag that the Church has apologized to them.
- Linda Ikeji

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  1. This is so stupid. Even if she was pregnant, what does stopping the wedding do? Cause them to continue living in their sin... Some pastors self