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Monday, September 27, 2010

Z on Bella Naija

This was going to be an epic post but I just did Controls homework and I think a part of me died in the process so bear with me.

I sorta did a post on Z a while ago and in case you didn't know this, she's my hero. She has this post on BellaNaija about being gay/queer/i-don't-know-the-appropriate term and Nigerian and it's a pretty good read. She was also on Vera's radio show thingy about pretty much the same thing. 

What was I going to say again? I think my brain just froze. If you have kids, let them follow their dreams and major in basket weaving because this engineering thing is not the business. It feels like I have dementors standing over me or something.

I'll just do my regular screencap thing, good?
Bella Naija has the wisest people in the comment section. I think should post my homework on there one of these days. I'm pretty sure someone will do it for me.

Does sodomy include anal and oral sex?

Sugabelly showed me some thing about how pre-colonial Igbo people partook in homosexual relations. Yes, I giggled after writing that last sentence. Speaking of religion, I'm pretty sure that came from the "west".  Why are we so selective as to what we "take from the west"? Random note, why do the British get included with the "west"? Shouldn't they be like the "north" or something? I digress, again.


I posted this on Z's blog but I'll reiterate it. 
Yeah, so you know how in the bible it says a man shall not lie with another man the way he lies with a woman? What if that means a man cannot have vaginal sex with a woman? Makes sense, no? I mean, it's just trying to state the obvious in case some guy wanted to try it.

Why wasn't homosexuality included in the 10 commandments? Why are Nigerians more accepting of an adulterous man or thief than a homosexual? The bible clearly says, "Thou shall not commit adultery" but a man cheating on his wife is not as bad a gay one. There are people that routinely go against the 10 commandments but they get a pass. When a gay person comes around, it's a taboo and an abomination. People lie and steal but the bible doesn't get whipped out as fast. If being gay is a sin, why is it bigger sin compared to lying, stealing, and adultery? The things the Lord explicitly said we shouldn't do. 


  1. ...because most nigerians are hypocrites?!

  2. lol why did the last person (dankeo) type sexuality as "s**uality"? hahahaha random things catch my attention. Is it against the bible to type the "e" and "x" in sex?

  3. @realist: exactly what i was going to say. I wish i could walk up to this 'Dankeo' person and say "sex sex sex sexy sexy sex sex!! HA!"

  4. hahaha... that would be hilarious