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Friday, May 1, 2009

Nude Nigerian wimmenz on da interwebz...

...and they aren't hot.

So I log on to facebook today and I see the following status update from a friend of mine:

Ekiti women are now protesting half-naked....Nigerians really want true democracy. Thats like Igbo women riot of 1929 aganist colonialists....hmmmmm almost 100years after.... WOW!

In true Nosa fashion, I respond:

This status update is worthless without pictures.

I joke

She actualy responds and proceeds to direct me to Lina Ikeji's blog. [Side note: Blogging at work is a bad idea]

So I'm at Linda's blog and I check the picture out.


The one time I get to see nude Nigerian women on the internets, they just happen to be old women. And they are not like MILF status women. WTF!!!

Look at that coddamn picture!

All the wimmenz with boobies worth seeing are fully clothed while the wimmenz hat should be clothed are nude. Why does Nigeria have to be backward with this shit everytime?

Anyhow, I figure I might as well find out the story behind this bullshit.

Well, the women are apparently protesting some rigged election. I thought this was news. Aren't all Nigerian elections rigged anyway? Non-violent protests don't solve jack squat, but that's just my personal opinion.

So, after I checked out the backstory, I decided to take a look at the comments. Trust me when I say this, comments on blogs are probably the funniest and unbelievable shit you'll ever read. It's like every village idiot suddenly found the internet and decided not to let it go. Speaking of which, I'm starting my own movement, kinda like QAN. But instead of pushing teh ghey agenda, we'll just ban people from the internet or ask Mark Zuckerberg to take them off facebook. Because, you know, facebook is the end-all and be-all of the Internet. I digress.

Where was I again? Oh, the comments.

Wow!! madness!!
i tried to link the half nakedness to the electon thingy but the two do not even correlate. I mean if it was like a sexual related protest or something in that respect, it'll be a tad easier to digest.
these images make us look like babarians around the globe..nothing more, nothing less.

and If my grandma ever dared to participate in such,...let's just say it wouldn't be funny.

I never knew naked protests were for "sexual related" causes only?

Wait, what's this and this?

I'm confused now.

What has this world turned into???
May God save us!!There is nothing that can happen to make people go that far.Don't they have morals.Idiots!

LOLz. Did you know "morals" is the most played card in every argument involving Nigerians? Trust me, I know things. Not like it matters but didn't a similar demonstration occur when Nigeria was a British colony? I guess the world got fucked up a long ass time ago.

Ekiti oh Ekiti
May the Lord help us!
i hope this one never make CNN..

If it did go on CNN, which I doubt, it wouldn't be the first nude protest shown on CNN.

From a more "civilized" country, no doubt.

I guess Mexicans don't count since they gave us the Mexican...*cough*...I mean Swine Flu or N1N1, as I've been told to call it.

This is aexactly what Igbo women did in the 1929 riots and in my women studies classes here in America, they are saluted for it.

Barbarism keh? Do y'all read Playboy? Oyibos bear themselves fully naked for money. Yoruba women are doing this for democracy.

Who then is barbaric? Both, neither, either, none?

It's not like there aren't any Nigerian porn stars. C'mon, Nigerians are nude for a good cause. Our prostitutes that fuck dogs in Europe are definitely a level above porn stars. To hell with you, Jenna.