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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jonathan suspends Nigerian football

Where do I start?

I think this stupid. I can't find words to describe how stupid it is.
President Goodluck Jonathan has directed that Nigeria withdraws from international competition for two years to enable the country to put its house in order
-Ima Niboro

 I'm weak. I can't even say anything. So we didn't do so great in South Africa so we ban football for two years.

What is this? N.Korea?

 "Knee-jerk" might not be the right word but it is the first word that comes to mind.
If any financial misappropriation is discovered, all officials responsible will be held accountable
Why must Nigeria fall my hand on a daily basis? What did I do?

Under Fifa rules, government interference with national teams is strictly forbidden.
"At the time of writing, we have no official information on this matter," a Fifa statement read.
"However, in general, Fifa's position regarding political interference in football is well known. Our statutes do not allow for any political interference."
Did anyone tell Jonathan we could get banned by FIFA after this "reform"?

FIFA Ban > Jonathan Ban

What happens to the local league? What happens to a player like Lukman Haruna? How will he ever play in the Premiership if he can't get a work permit? English work permit rules require you to have played 75% of your countries internationals in the past year. If there are no international matches...
Nigeria's risks their national and club teams, plus referees, being banned from all international competitions - and their officials would not be allowed to attend meetings or events.
Did anyone think this through? Is Jonathan on his period? Is he cramping? Does he need midol? Is this a ploy to make us forget that independence day budget? #JambQuestions

The French did a lot worse than we did at the World Cup. In fact, the whole French situation was just shameful.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has warned France may be banned from international football if its government interferes in the running of the national side.
Blatter said he was sending a "clear and clean message" to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who criticised the team after a dismal World Cup campaign.
Jonathan, why?

Sarkozy has called for change within the French Football Federation (FFF), and during the tournament in South Africa he asked his sports minister Roselyne Bachelot to speak to the players, leaving them in no doubt about his view of their conduct.
Since the squad's return to France, Sarkozy has held talks with striker and former captain Thierry Henry, while Jean-Pierre Escalettes has resigned as FFF president.
The FFF has issued an apology to the French public and been savaged by the media, but Blatter is adamant that interference from governments in its affairs will not be tolerated.
It's not like any decision FIFA would make would be unjust.

"We will help the national association and if it cannot be solved by consultation, then the only thing we have is to suspend the federation.
"Definitely, I can tell you that political interference will be dealt with by Fifa notwithstanding what kind of interference and what is the size of the country."
Is that office full of Igbo people? Surely, someone could have googled this. Precedence has been set

The Fifa Emergency Committee has suspended the Iraq Football Association due to government interference.
This week the Iraqi Olympic Committee disbanded the IFA and security forces seized control of its headquarters. 

Obama wants a playoff in college football, do you see him banning the NCAA until it has been instituted?

This makes no sense. None at all.

UPDATE: As predicted
Fifa will expel Nigeria from world football unless the country's government overturns a two-year ban of the national team by Monday 1700 BST.
UPDATE II: No more balls?
Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan dropped a threat Monday to suspend the national football team from playing because of its poor World Cup showing and corruption allegations.
In a statement, Jonathan's office said the decision came after a meeting Monday with the Nigeria Football Federation. The federation's executive committee fired the organization's president and vice president Sunday in an effort to appease Jonathan.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

I probably should have put this up a while ago but seeing as I am lazy and whatnot, well you know what to expect. I just started watching BBC's "Real Kings of Nigeria" and I figured I'd start this post before I lost all forms of motivation to do it. If I had half of Sugabelly's ambition and drive, I probably would have cured cancer and AIDS but that is a story for another day.

I thought "Welcome To Lagos" was brilliant. The people were real, contrary to popular belief, and honest. Honestly, see what I did here, it was amazing. However, like most honest opinions about Nigeria, Nigerians disliked it. I don't blame them. You'll never see me accept that Ghana has a better soccer team than we do. I'd rather eat my own shit than accept that tripe. I won't even stand for any Nigerian saying it either. I'm patriotic/jingoistic like that so get like me...HA!

On a serious note, I thought it was rather sad Nigerians chose to ignore the crux of the documentary. We chose to go the pedantic route and take offense to the poverty porn it was. Sure, it was poverty porn but it wasn't made up poverty porn. Vocal Slender is realer than a $2 bill. The reactions on twitter were stupidly over the top and downright hilarious. I wish I took screencaps that day. Why didn't I take screencaps that day? I can be so stupid at times. I digress. 

Dear Nigerians, let me break this down for you nice and slow. BBC doesn't owe Nigeria anything. They are trying to put out decent shows and get decent ratings. They really don't care about the rich side of Lagos. Why should they? Who wants to watch spoilt rich kids doing what spoilt rich kids do? If you want to watch spoilt rich kids, I suggest you pick up a camera and record spoilt rich kids. You could make it like "The Hills" (Lauren Conrad is my homegirl and tings). Call it "The Island" or something like that. Get a couple of kids from  Adesoye or Loyola or Olashore. Get them at that age where you think you are the hottest thing since sliced bread, maybe SS1 or SS2. See...that wasn't hard. I would use this idea but knowing my level of know how it goes. Speaking of spoilt rich kids, I heard "Super Sweet Sixteen" was coming to Nigeria. I think all kidnappers and armed robbers collectively jizzed their pants in excitement. I know I would. 

Where was I again?

 Nigerians have a thing for faux outrage. Of all the offended Nigerians all over the internets, I doubt a single one wrote BBC a letter of complaint. I remember Sugabelly telling me that BBC should be banned from Nigeria. ::blankeststare::

Nigerians need to quit denying the fact that there are poor people in Nigeria. Nigerians need to quit denying the fact that Lagos is a dump. About dumps, that dump Vocal Slender worked in was cotdamn huge. I digress...again. 

The only way we can move on as a country is if we accept our flaws. For what we are supposed to be, we have failed.

Making progress, we are doing it wrong. Now I shall go back to watching what I was watching.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nosa hating on Ghana

Since Nigeria is out of the world cup and my bad belle won't let me support Ghana, I'll do what I do best: hate.



*shoutout to all my challehs out there. All the best. Na joke I dey joke*

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kaita: The Movie

I found this on facebook and it's teh lulz

Lorenzo Trajan, you are my hero for putting this on facebook.

A fool at 50?

Tell your daddy to stop fighting in public, please.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still bitter

I have forgiven Kaita but I doubt I can forgive Yakubu. If I see Yakubu on the street, there's a good chance we will engage in fisticuffs.

Lagerback was probably a bigger waste of money than that independence day budget that a lot of y'all b*tching about.


Speaking of that independence day budget, a friend of mine was retweeting eLDee earlier today. It started like one of those noble moments where celebrities truly identify the common man.

Then, he plugged a video of his new song.

Err...I thought we were talking about how irresponsible the Nigerian government is.

Are the funds from this new record going to #EnoughIsEnough?

Anyone else find it a little bit pretentious? One minute, eLDee is a big boy and the next he is telling us "E Go Better" (is that the name of the song, I forget).

I'm all for artists using their music to speak out on the ills of the country. Honestly, I think it is fantastic that they are aware of the problems and are speaking out. I just can't stand activism for profit. Until eLDee says otherwise, I'm going to safely assume "E Go Better" is a song on his new album. It isn't that far fetched since it is the same eLDee that asked us to buy his "mixtape". Who pays for mixtapes?

I'm starting to go OP so I'll just stop now.

PS: Yakubu should be flogged upon arrival

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What did I say about Hausa people?

See Kaita, Sani.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sun Gyal

Oh hello

My name is Flora.

I am student.

I love to read and cook.

Me, I like Humbuleness (#GBAGAUN!!!!!!!!).
Nothing gets me like a Humbule man.

I dislike pride. You can contact me at 07039020258 or

IDK about you but I'd hit.