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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still bitter

I have forgiven Kaita but I doubt I can forgive Yakubu. If I see Yakubu on the street, there's a good chance we will engage in fisticuffs.

Lagerback was probably a bigger waste of money than that independence day budget that a lot of y'all b*tching about.


Speaking of that independence day budget, a friend of mine was retweeting eLDee earlier today. It started like one of those noble moments where celebrities truly identify the common man.

Then, he plugged a video of his new song.

Err...I thought we were talking about how irresponsible the Nigerian government is.

Are the funds from this new record going to #EnoughIsEnough?

Anyone else find it a little bit pretentious? One minute, eLDee is a big boy and the next he is telling us "E Go Better" (is that the name of the song, I forget).

I'm all for artists using their music to speak out on the ills of the country. Honestly, I think it is fantastic that they are aware of the problems and are speaking out. I just can't stand activism for profit. Until eLDee says otherwise, I'm going to safely assume "E Go Better" is a song on his new album. It isn't that far fetched since it is the same eLDee that asked us to buy his "mixtape". Who pays for mixtapes?

I'm starting to go OP so I'll just stop now.

PS: Yakubu should be flogged upon arrival

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  1. OMG! My sentiments exactly.

    I find it hard to take people who contradict themselves seriously.
    Said elDee actually has a song or at least featured in a song where he talked about naija being the home of internet fraud, saying "all my yahho yahoo boys stand up"
    This is in addition to Big Boy plus he has these random stupid tweets about counting the number of Nuvo or rose bottles he is popping in the club or telling us how he is wearing custom made "stunners"

    Sometimes i actually think it's my younger brother in SS3 that shd be doing some of the stuff elDee does and suddenly he comes out with "One Day" (that's the name of the song) and is now feeling all socially concious and tin. He should crosss the road abeg and nyash down somewhere.