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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is that side boob I see?

Did I seriously put up the last post here?

Sugabelly and Melloyel are definitely slacking, on the realz.

Anyway, I have decided to take time out of my highly important normal life to put up a post here. Normally, I wouldn’t be doing this shit. I’d probably be busy banging hot chicks, checking out my fucking awesome fantasy team, being awesome, and finding the cure for AIDS, k’nahmean?

Did you know you could put a comma before “and” when listing shit? Like seriously, how come my English teachers never told me that. Mr. Chukwudifu, wherever you are, you fail for not telling about this linguistic wizardry.

Wait, where was I?

I need to start taking some ADD medication because I keep going off topic. Like WTF?

Oh yeah…I remember now. I was talking about how you people need to be happy that your royal awesomeness took time out of his busy schedule to put up a blog post. Considering that fact that Obama’s Nobel peace prize fuckery (you better not get me started on that shit) didn’t bring me out of hiding, you best believe that my topic must be of great importance.

Remember when I complained about not having enough Nigerian tittays on the interweb? Well, shit’s changed since then. Sugbelly put me onto this breakthrough,

Did you see it?

Sideboob, motherfucker!!

That was sideboob!!!

On a side note, that movie seems creepy (Ed note- I watched it on mute so I have no clue wtf is going on). Leaking bloody vaginas? Ain't none of these bitches ever heard of a tampon? SMH!!!

Nigeria is making progress though. We have sure come a long way from dry humping. There’s even a scene with a threesome, can you imagine that shit? It might be arousing but we’ll get there. They just need to realize that storylines are not required for pornos and maybe get some hotter wimmenz. They could get some of those girls you find at owambe parties in England. Wait…you don’t know what an owambe jand party is? Do you live under a rock? Don’t you know the parties with the pictures on facebook and stupid ass names like “exclusive” and “eclipse”? Shit, and I thought I was behind the curve.

BTW, during the threesome bit, was the other girl giving the dude's elbow some head?

UPDATE: Apparently, the movie is Ghanaian. :( So much for progress...I guess we have to wait a bit for Nigerian smut.