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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You kidnapped a famous actor, now what?

Well, you ask for 10 million. Naira of course, we are trying to be reasonable here.

Am I wrong for thinking the kidnappers set their price too low?

Last time I checked, 10 mill couldn't buy you a Hummer and you know how high the Hummer pedestal is. Nothing says you hit the jackpot like buying that ugly gas guzzling piece of crap. I wonder what will happen when GM stops production.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah...kidnappings. Nigeria is like the new Mexico. It's funny how it went from "we are kidnapping there oyibos for a just cause" to "I'm broke so I'm going to jack the next person I see off the street".

I wonder if there'll be some "Man On Fire" type movie set in the country. I can just imagine it now...

Ahh...just perfect.

I'm going to sue if there's a Nollywood movie with this storyline because you know this was all my idea.


  1. hahaha
    i will be sure to inform u when the movie comes out so we can make some dough cos you can be sure it will come out..

  2. I have to say that i was slightly disappointed by the amount/ransom that pete edochie's life was worth, based on the judgement of Kidnappers.

    Pete is a reknowned actor, for christ sake and it is some mere 10 millie that they ended up settling for. Pardon my lack of political correctness, I was somewhat embarrassed.

    This situation has kinda made me put Nigerians' ave. standard of living and the crime rate.

    oh well, nonsense and bongafiah

  3. on second thought, that may be a mere celebrity stunt

  4. I feel you on this and I am sure a movie of that sort will come out. LOL.
    But seriously, enough with this kidnapping business.

  5. Very sad that the government is not even doing any sensible thing to stop these kidnappings.

  6. "Ugly, Gas Guzzlng piece of crap" I couldn't agree more...