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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AfroCandy sighting

And today like any other day, #ikebenamoni

BONUS: A clean version of Ikebe Na Moni

I don't know how TV friendly this is either


  1. ... erm, are you sure that that's the clean version? I don't remember seeing fully exposed buttcheeks in the last one. The only difference seems to be new scenes of her in a different dress and hairstyle.

    again, AfroCandy leaves me speechless. I'm off to clean my eyes.

  2. she said it was "Ikebe Na Moni for TV". I assumed she cleaned it up...

  3. Jesus Christ, what is wrong with this woman?

    My aunt is going to have a field day watching her latest video.

  4. Yup, definitely an ex-stripper.