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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chris Okotie Still Running For President

I totally forgot this guy existed.

Anybody that thinks I have withdrawn from the April 2011 election is a joker. I am surprised you are asking me this question because I keep talking about my presidential ambition. And from Monday Feb 7th, you would hear our campaign jingles. So I am very much in the race
- Okotie to Enconium 

I don't know if I admire his resilience or I am saddened by his hopelessness.


  1. Definitely saddened by his hopelessness.. i mean, he KNOWS he wont win so why stress. lyk xcept there's sum sorta divine intervention, there's just no hope 4 him.. u'll think he'll know better by now..smh lol

  2. *long suffering sigh* This guy should go and rest abeg!