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Friday, December 2, 2011

Guest Blog: Speak For Yourself

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I have always believed in letting writing speak for itself, so lets get into this then.

The human psyche is one of greatest remaining unexplored vistas left to man. We have managed to come so far in so short a period of time. We have conquered the depths of the oceans and have driven buggies on celestial beings but we are yet to fully understand ourselves. The person we live with constantly. Our thought processes. The reasons we do the things we do. We tend to put these ideas away from our common consciousness and instead have devoted the most of our mental capacities into survival. Whoever as 2011 rolls slowly to a close and with the advent of better living standards, we are being forced to dwell more on our inner person. 

Humans are fond of “games”. We play these games for a variety of reasons. To avoid confronting reality, to conceal ulterior motives, to rationalize our activities or to avoid participation in activities for which we lack inclination or motivation. These “games” which my imply gaiety are far from such and emotions and personalities are fully vested in the games being played with serious consequences for failure such as suicide and social rejection being punishment for failing to comply with the rules set forth by society. 

The game I shall discuss today is the “Everyone has so I must have” game. Personal tastes have been discarded to fall in line with popular culture which only panders to the capitalist notion of mass production for cheaper cost. Billions of research dollars are spent yearly by corporations to determine how to get into your friends heads. The advent of social media such as twitter and facebook has only fueled this bonfire of materialistic consumption. The inability to be content with ones possessions. The feeling of gratification from spending hard earned legal tender on commodities that have been produced for next to nothing and then embossed with a logo thereby making you a walking billboard.

 Stop being a clone. Find your inner Jedi. Fuck a logo

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