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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jesus Be A Husband

Oh. Hey there! Umm...Merry New Year? Sorry for the lack of updates? Whatever, you'll get over yourselves. 

So I was on my usual hunting grounds today. Aunty Linda's blog obviously. I noticed our beloved spinster, Miss Ikeji, has refused to tuck her desperate in
He's so cute. Is he single? *cough*Lol, I'm just kidding o! I dey play play! The last time I wrote this, I started getting mails from guys. I am playing o! I'm kinda desperate, but not as desperate as I sound. lol. 
This isn't the first time Aunty Linda has sent a subliminal message to her spirit boyfriend. She dropped this gem last year,
Everytime you see a society wedding, it's one rich man's son marrying another rich man's daughter. Why can't an Otudeko or an Akiolu marry an Ikeji for instance? LMAO!


But I think I have a solution, however. 

Genius, I know. If your daddy works for AIT, tell him to hit me up because I come up with these ideas all day. 


  1. Refused to tuck her desperate in? HAHAHA I want to make-a the sex with whoever wrote this because I am amused and that is how I wish to repay you.

  2. Hahaha!

  3. please sit your basic ass all the way down. yanyanyanyan linda this, linda that....meanwhile you are on twitter worrying bout who's gonna be ur val or not. try tucking ur own desperate in first then we'll move over to linda

    i am a certified linda troll, go find urs