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Friday, July 6, 2012

AfroCandy Is Back? I Think

Last time we saw our heroine she was...actually, I can't remember what AfroCandy put out last. Was it "Who Go Be My Man"? Last thing I remember was her getting twitter to stop me from using her twitter account. I'm still upset, but that vex is for another day.

I don't think she likes the fact that Vic.O and Majela took her shine. Not her fault, I'd be mad if some talentless Calabar cretin took my spotlight despite my big budget videos.

Ah! I see what you did here, AfroCandy.

Anyone catch the autotune on it? AfroCandy came back with an even bigger budget. Maybe that's why she disappeared for a bit. She had to pick up more shifts at Wal-Mart to raise the money. Makes sense.

I don't really like the song or video. The song seems too experimental for me. There wasn't any Igbo in it. She shouldn't stray too far from her strengths. Speaking of strengths, the video isn't as suggestive as her earlier material. This is why I wanted to be her manager, she really needs guidance. She needs to work that cleavage and expose those thighs. Watch the "Ikebe Na Money" video again, that's AfroCandy at her finest. This falls short BIG time.

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  1. u guys should please blog regularly na....some pple actually prefer ur blog to other stereotyped blogs.