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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

About Nigerian Women & Boyfriends



  1. Clearly i have been dulling. One sef i never get and babes out there are juggling 6. This cruel life.

  2. I have just died!!!!!!!

    But this is all sorts of sadness, though. So Nigerian girls don't know how to make their own money? You must have boyfriend for love and boyfriend for shoe? Oh well, now I know.

    Btw, seriously wondering where they found these girls.

  3. These girls are very sad!!! They are quite ugly too, inside and out! I am a girl and a girl needs only ONE boyfriend and you don't need even need to be a relationship unless it is for the right reasons. Maybe these fools are just happy to be on camera. God help us!

  4. lol... Everyone knows many naija girls (especially campus girls)only hustle to find boyfriends so that those boyfriends hustle to provide for them.