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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LOLWUT: Nigerian Man Caught With Cocaine-Stuffed Roasted Chicken

A Nigerian mechanic who struggled in Brazil for more than six years had hoped the drugs would buy him a life of luxury in his native land, Nigerian authorities said Monday.
"This was like a retirement plan for him," said Mitchell Ofoyeju, spokesman for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.The accused was arrested over the weekend at the airport in Lagos after he came in from Sao Paulo with 2.6 kilograms (5.7 pounds) of cocaine, Ofoyeju said. 
Dude was just going to sell the dope and build him a nice house in the village. I'll bet you $100 that he's Igbo.
The suspect, Vincent Chegini Chinweuwa, could not immediately be reached for comment as he remained in custody Monday.


  1. LOL!!!!
    And of all things to use - roasted chicken!

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  3. This is really funny, poor chicken. this a clear example of what Nigerians can do for money. He sounds more like a yoruba guy to me. lol!!!!