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Friday, April 3, 2009

Teh Ghey in Nollywood

....that is all


  1. LOLz at the man being a reformed homosexual. so Nigerians think that people can simply up and decide to be gay or not? If they could, there would be no gay people in Africa. Period.

    And that "sex" scene was more awkward than the one in "Watchmen". And that's saying something.

  2. Omg that woman's face when she caught him was priceless...

  3. Meanwhile the guy's accent is on another level now haba...He needs to stop...

  4. Genevieve makes me want to never have sex again. Did she LICK his face? My EYES!!! MY EYES!!!!!!! And what is up with the fake accent during sex/kissing????? omg, Nollywood makes me dayum tired.

    Blank Stare.

  5. there is such a thing as a reformed homosexual and many people do decide to indulge in the homosexual lifestyle or at the very least homosexual acts.

    genevieve is not in this movie

  6. reason #908 why I love/hate Nigerians. "Dramatic" movies like this also doubles as comedies.