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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Condom, No Action

As Nigeria's leading interweb smut scholar, I feel it is my duty that I present this monumental trailer to you. Last time we visited this topic, we discovered that the movie in question was Ghanaian. And as you already know, nobody really gives a shit about Ghana.

Seriously though, Ghana is like that little brother that refuses to go away. I really dont care if you guys now have a half decent soccer team or that your currency isnt rubbish anymore.


I digress.

That sound you heard was of Nigerian morality purveyors coming up with new ways to deny this. If Obama had such spin doctors, we would probably believe the US economy was perfect and walking on water was possible (No Jesus).

After watching this trailer, I think I want to watch this movie. Thats a lot, you know? The only Nigerian movie I can sanely recall watching was Jenifa. And we can all agree that Jenifa was teh shit.

Sulilat kan! Aiyetoro kan! Awon bigz ghels!

Why on earth wouldnt you want to watch this movie? There are two nipple slips between 0:21-0:26, woman-on-man rape at 0:30, small dick blowjob at 0:34, and multiple gross make-out scenes.

...reward them with bitterness. May their dicks shrink!

I lold.

If what I have learnt from trailers is true, we have something of a gem here. Unless it goes the way Book of Eli went.

OMAGAH!!!! Teh horror!!!11!!

Book of Eli was horrible. Oh noez!!!

I seriously doubt it can be that bad though. It requires a special amount of talent to produce a truly shitty movie and directors of such movies usually have a special spot reserved in hell (see Spiderman 3).

And I think someone read my last post on this issue. The girls are halfway decent. After a couple of drinks...lets not go there.

EDIT: So the video has been removed from Youtube for "violating terms of use." Meaning that it's too pornographic. So much for Nigeria's high moral standards. - Mellowyel

SUPER EDIT: I think there's a conspiracy to to maintain Nigeria's squeaky clean moral image. No, scammers just make us greedy not immoral. I will not stand for this tyranny. If Ghana can put out porn, albeit for attention seeking purposes, why can't we?
-Nosa (from his really cool phone)

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