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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obama, faux objectivity and teh self righteouz

This is about as serious as it will get from me this year. According to the Washington Post,

The department's Web site lists Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria as state sponsors of terrorism. A senior administration official identified the following as terrorism-prone nations or countries of interest to U.S. intelligence agencies: Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen

Yeah, you read that right. Between Libya and Pakistan was Nigeria. No mistakes there. Note that Nigeria is now “terrorism prone”. All this is based off of one incident, the pata bomber. This announcement reeks of all sorts of knee jerk if you ask me. Nigeria has suddenly gone from scam prone to terrorism prone because of one boy.

Let’s recap,

A Nigerian boy with a Yemeni mother begins developing extremist Islamic views while attending British International School, Lome (Not Nigeria). He then moves to England to study engineering at UCL (Not Nigeria). While at UCL, he becomes president of a radical Islamic association with a proven track record of producing terrorists. However, until recently none were Nigerian. The boy moves to Yemen (Not Nigeria) to continue his education and terrorist training. He buys his ticket in Ghana (Not Nigeria) and travels via Nigeria. A couple weeks before this, his father (a Nigerian) reports his errant son to US authorities. The rest of the story, you know.

Sounds like Nigeria is an ally here, doesn’t it? I mean if Nigeria as a nation is profiled based on this one boy, why can’t we be profiled based on his father?

Increased scrutiny of traveling Nigerians is expected but placing Nigeria a list with Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen equates us with those countries. It is Obama’s way of saying Nigeria is now “the enemy”. Oh, notice how I dropped Obama in there? Shocked you, didn’t it? I bet you were in agreement and suddenly went “WTF”. I know, it’s awesome. It’s like I jumped out from behind out and screamed “Boo”.

There’s no way Obama didn’t have prior knowledge of this bullshit before it was put out.

Wait...what did you say?

The DHS/TSA makes tons of autonomous decisions just like every other department chaired by the president’s cabinet.

So he has no veto power? Do you really think he'd let them implement something he doesn't agree with? Let's not be naive here but I don't think a president is that 'hands-off'. Especially something of this great a magnitude, there's no way in hell Obama did not have prior knowledge of it. That’s why I called out Obama and unless he suddenly comes out and denies having prior knowledge then he is the only person I’ll attack...and also because he’s the biggest fish. I believe this is an action a president trying to move up the popularity polls. Obama probably knows that the nation has figured out the depth of his incompetency. If Black People Twitter (you should google that) has taught me anything, nothing’s changed. What was niggardly, still is.

The Inspector General of Police, Ogbonnoya Onovo said this,

In light of all this, the Transport Security Administration of the United States is hereby called upon to de-list Nigeria from the countries of interest. Nigerian travellers to the United States need not be subjected to extraordinary hardship. There are no security issues in the country. The new policy is unfair. There are convicted terrorists who are American, British and Belgian citizens, and this fact has not made the TSA regard either Britain or Belgium as a country of interest. For the avoidance of doubt, I would like to point out that Hamid Hyat, who was convicted in April 2007 of terrorism, is an American. Richard Reid, who is serving a life sentence in the United States for attempting on December 22, 2001 to bomb an American commercial plane flying from Paris to Miami, is a British citizen. His collaborator, Nizar Trabelsi, is Belgian.
If the American authorities could not add Britain and Belgium to the list of countries of interest, then there is no objective reason to include Nigeria. We may be deeply religious, but certainly we are no suicide bombers or terrorists. Both the Nigerian government and the people abhor fanaticism. We have zero policy tolerance towards Al Qaeda in Nigeria. We strongly condemn unequivocally all kinds of terrorism.

Now that is one fucker with half a brain.

Speaking of brains, there is a growing population of Nigerians without one. These people suddenly feel it’s Nigeria’s fault for this fuckery. Blaming Yar’ Adua’s absence, our 419 reputation and the Niger-Delta unrest for all this.

Teh Sef Righteouz and their faux objectivity.

Aye! Listen here, fuckers. None of that had anything to do with the decision. None of that shit was ever a factor, from the bombing to the repercussions. Don’t sit on your fucking computers in America and rant all over facebook about how fucked Nigeria is. WE ALREADY KNOW THAT SHIT. If you want to do something, go back home and do it. You talking all this schit but are you gonna bang doe?


  1. I am almost tired of talking of this issue,but then again I cant get tired of defending Nigeria in light of this development!
    this post sure shades more light...thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Your recap was amazing! So on point. I don't see any other justification for putting Nigeria on this "country of interest" list besides trying to appear "hard" on terrorism.

  3. I'm so sick and tired of bloody dumbass Nigerians talking about how they wanna change nationalities and claim Ghana. This piece just expressed all my anger. I'm even tired of the issue self, people should give it a rest already. Sheesh!!!

  4. for real am getting scared
    the neg publicity we r getting bcos of this issue is becoming to much
    d discrimination we had cos of 419 scams where already too much now adding terrorism to that is just unbearable
    obama should reconsider

  5. U got things right here. But yemeni mother? Or mauritanian? Doesnt matter.
    But wait a minute, what about the shoe bomber? Was he not british? Did they place brittain on the terror prone countries? No. Which goes to show u blood is thicker than water eh.
    Shame on obama for allowing those yankees to piss on the mother land. Naija is like the mother land or africa.