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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jailed For Facebook Update? Teek Tho!

Mukhtar Ibrahim Aminu was chilling with his cattle one day when heard his governor was supporting Jonathan. So what did he do? He whipped out his blackbooory (word to Apollonia) and sent out a quick facebook update.
O Allah disgrace Sule Lamido and the rest of his cursed friends. O Allah curse Sule Lamido and the rest of his cursed friends
Harmless facebook update. I've probably said worse too. Ten days later, Mukhtar was arrested and sent to the Nigerian police HQ in Abuja where a judge says he must be placed in jail. Here's where it gets interesting. Mukhtar's dad is a politician that just switched to an opposition party. Clearly, Mukhtar's arrest was politically motivated but, at the risk of sounding naive, doesn't the kid have freedom of speech?

Sule Lamido, you get a Tonto side-eye for this.


  1. LMAO at the Tonto Dikeh side eye!

  2. I heard about this. I hisssssssed eh!!