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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Speed Darlington, Nigerian for "Lil B"

Thank you, Speedy D. You just made my Saturday night.


Speed Darlington sounds like an abortion on a fruity loops demo instrumental. What makes this so remarkably awful is the fact that he is actually serious. Don't believe me? Check the comments on the video. You see, Majela and Afrocandy were funny. Majela was just for bants and Afrocandy was...well, you watched the videos. Vic O, we aren't talking about Vic on this blog ever again. He has started getting concerts and whatnot and he never gave us any credit so Vic O can kiss my ass.

Watch the video again. HE USED WORDART TO CREATE THAT "HUSTLE HARD" THING! What in the hell?
Igbo people, come and get your man. Please.


  1. This guy has to be trolling

  2. Wait, the super imposition of those wild animals in the snow, Why?
    Finacial aid is not helping him? Sally Mae i hope you see what you have caused.
    I am confused. I shall now go and sleep.

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  4. *speechless* where to start???...why ndigbo, why?

  5. But this video is just a 4 min long presentation as to why some people ought not to be given visas. He is a walking endorsement for tighter immigration control. Some Republican is going to put him on payroll soon.

  6. ummm what do u mean igbo people should come get him. He is yoruba...ODE ni!

    Even the way he sings the song sounds like he's singing a yoruba song, his accent and most def his looks.

    I notice u are always making snide remarks about igbo people..then u'll claim people don't get ur jokes. It will be a joke if are fair with these so called jabbs and say "funny" things about yoruba/ hausas or where ever it is u r from.
    I have sense of humor, and i am all for people making jokes, but constantly taking jabbs at a particular tribe while leaving urs out shows u have a deep seated issue/jealousy brewing!