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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last time we saw AfroCandy, it was her absolutely cracktastic video for "Ikebe Na Moni"

#Dead @ the origin of her name. There's no way she wasn't a stripper at some point in time. I'm sure horny after watching this shit. If only the interviewer guy would just STFU and let her work her magic.

Oh, look what I found. A video if her performing her smash hit.

Is it me or is going hogging socially acceptable these days? That back up dancer has got it going on though. I think I jizzed my pants watching her work it. I need to clean my keyboard now but before I leave, "Ikebe Na Moni."


  1. omgoooodness....
    No comments...
    stupid fucking stripper...not that there is anything wrong with it. its just that strippers are actually Classier...ughhh...vomit. OMG... "i dont want to make anyone feel horny" GROSS...VOMIT...Ughhh...GROSSS

  2. LMAO!
    I think she must've meant puke instead of horny. Like she's such a combination of grossness and comedy that i dont know how anyone can get turned on by her.

    She needs to star in a porn flick quick.