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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nosa vs Hausa People

If Igbo people are computer illiterate then I guess Hausa people are stupid.

That comment is from this article. AlthoughYerima is within the legal limits of the law (i'll get into it when I break down the criminal code again), this Ibrahim Dahiru fellow is quite frankly the stupidest person on any side of the Niger.

I thought church and state were separate entities or is this just an American thing. Either way, Ibrahim is too fucking stupid to understand this so I guess I can't blame him. He's Hausa and was probably too busy giving his cow the business to go to school.

I'm Catholic but I firmly believe that religion poisons everything. Religion encourages people to be naive. How on earth can you suddenly decide that the law of your religion > laws of the land. So if your religion encourages sacrificing virgins on the 32nd of Nevuary, you get off your butt and kill the first one you see? At some point, you need to ask yourself if shit makes any sense. Marrying a 13 year old falls under that category. Doesn't that sound fucking wrong to you? Again, Ibrahim is Hausa and therefore stupid so I guess I have to excuse him.

Okay so Ibrahim justifies his ever so brilliant point by telling us that marrying young kids prevents then from being "HIV and AID agent in the society." If that isn't some R.Kelly shit then I don't know what is. Unfortunately, Ibrahim gets no pass on this one. I know stupid people and they think his justification is stupid.

I firmly believe the village idiots run comment sections these days. Somebody prove me wrong.


  1. i wish i could prove you wrong, but i can't. the advent of the internet brought all the idiots out of the woodwork. i read that comment and i wanted to bitchslap him across the face. *sigh. i'm turning off my computer before my blood pressure goes up

  2. Cosign 100%. I am currently having an argument with an idiot that is trying to use the Bible to justify missionaries forcing their useless culture and unsafe clothing habits on Igbo people in the 19th century.

    Religion does not make people naive.

    Religion makes people stupid. It also prevents people from seeing logic even when it is dancing on their nose.

    I might be religious but I also am very aware of this fact and I firmly believe that all religion should be taken with a huge sack of salt.

    Also, religious justification for XYZ is ALWAYS irrelevant. Why? Because if the person you're trying to apply your religious views to does not share your religion then all your quotations don't mean shit.

    Finally, last time I checked Nigeria was a SECULAR nation not a religious one, so people take their Sharia and Biblical justifications and stick them where the sun don't shine: Up IBB's ass.

  3. Why the IBB hate? LOL.

    Talked about this on my other blog.

    That is all.

  4. Why exactly is this site called Stuff Nigerians hate/love?

    "He's Hausa and was probably too busy giving his cow the business to go to school."

    Prejudiced, much? I'll save the rest of my comment cos the above statement turned me off anything else u had to say. The dude is obviously ignorant, and i would like to believe that you r not, so what's ur point?

    The comment u r basing ur rant on is very poorly written. Was that not enough for u to ignore him? Just saying.

  5. please read the disclaimer

    the site is called stuff nigerians love/hate because we chose to call it that.

    and i think you miss the point of this post but i won't let that get in the way of your rant. carry on

  6. I thot u were the one ranting Nosa aka really random name. lol. It's not that serious, Sweetie.

  7. It's not that serious? Now, I'm confused.
    Are you angry or are you angry? Pick a side

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Sting, we acknowledge fully well that on this blog we use GROSS STEREOTYPES of different Nigerian groups. We don't do it because we just want to be wicked. We do it because this blog is supposed to be a very loose satirical off-colour dark-humour look at random things that have to do with Nigerians.

    In Nigeria there are many different stereotypes about all the different ethnicities:
    For example -

    Hausa people love their cows a little too much

    Hausa men are gay or at least bisexual

    Igbo men turn into vultures and eat dead bodies to get money

    Igbo people love money above all things

    Yoruba people can't stop talking

    Angas people are drunkards

    and so on.

    We acknowledge or use these stereotypes on this blog because we're all Nigerian and most of our readership is Nigerian and we tacitly agree with one another and our readers never to use them maliciously but rather for humour.

    That is also why you'd never see any of us use any stereotypes like this on our personal blogs or in any kind of serious blog post because we recognize that when used seriously they are hurtful to other Nigerians and that is not cool.

    That is also why we have the disclaimer to alert people that they are going to read things in a way that noone would normally write about on their own personal blog.

    I'm sorry if Nosa's post offends you but that's why the disclaimer is there. It does not mean that anyone is supposed to take the stereotype about Hausa people seriously.

    There are also negative stereotypes about Igbo people on this blog and anywhere outside this blog I would immediately take offense but it has already been laid down that nothing on this blog is to be taken seriously by Nigerians.

  10. See Sugabelly

    It is because of things like this that you say. Thats why people ridicule you all over the internet and will never take nything you do seriously. Why do you think everybody was so quick to jump on Team Myne Whitman and not yours during the dispute? You may have had some points but you always somehow surround yourself with so much negativity its so easy to dismiss you. On your blog you yapp on about self hate and preach against racism yet, you breed tribalism here! Talk about contradiction. You need to look in the mirror woman and think of changing that "suga"in your name. You are def. not sweet.

  11. Joan,
    I wrote this not sugabelly. I don't think Sugabelly can stop me from writing anything i feel like writing.

    I really don't care what happens on Sugabelly's personal blog. The two blogs have no similarities.

    Before you want to rant, please read the disclaimer next time.

  12. As a Hausa speaking Nigerian, I only have one thing to say:

    Isn't this the same logic people try to use to rationalize white supremacist and other racist attitudes?

    Just saying.

  13. Now I do not hate Hausa people on the contrary I find them a tad bit annoying with their need for special consideration. I am a muslim Yoruba geezer and I have always said and I am sure dead men before me said this "a state cannot work with 2 forms of law" just like you cannot grow up right if your mummy and daddy laid contradicting rules. The Northern part of Nigeria which is inhabited by Hausa continually choose to practice sharia while they ignore the federal law. Now I say fairplay, break away and form your own country. I think it is as simple as that. As a muslim, i am not prepared to put up with FUCKING sharia. I find the state's constitutional ways work, albeit with some exchange of monies sometimes. Really no qualms about the hausas, just if they intend to practice a different law to Nigeria then they have to breakaway. Simple as.

  14. Hausa people are stupid? that's not a stereotype. that's an insult. it is completely different from the usual popular stereotypes that sugabelly mentioned.

  15. U have to doubt religion in other to get it right.Christianity is not a religion although pple can use when describing different faith. In all world religions/paganis, man makes effort to reach God the creator of the universe but in christianity, God came in flesh to die to save man by shedding his pure blood. If u are a true christian, u will have a convincing relationship with Jesus which u can know. But mind u, some christian are actually practising religion thats why they may not ever understand the experience of true real relationship with Jesus that is satisfying.