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Monday, November 7, 2011

These Aren't The Leaders Of Tomorrow

So @TheBlackHermit sent these to me on twitter. It's his fault. All his fault. Forward your complaints to his twitter. While you are at, remind him of the guest post he owes us. thx.

I hate the internet.

Are they trying to sing this song from that one Hitchcock movie? Why is that little girl pronouncing "sera" as "Sarah"? Where are their parents? Does this count as child abuse in some countries? I just want some answers. I don't know why this thing is on the internet without any explanations. The lead singer looks like someone is forcing her. Like she won't get to eat meat with her rice at lunch. I'm serious, look!

Look at the despair in her eyes, bro. She had to be forced. I just want to hug her and give her my second meat. I'm sad. 

(Sidenote: Why is the other girl excited? Does she think she's about to become a superstar or something?)

There's more...

I think the budget was bigger on this one. Look at the effects. They're flying and whatnot. They even got Dipsy and Po to make a cameos. I wonder why they didn't invite Tinky Winky and the other one. Oh, I forgot. Christians don't like teh ghey. My bad.

Is that Jesus?




  1. See this is what happens when you give Igbo people a camera and internet access. Infact all those commenting on the "musics" must be Igbo too i'm sure.

  2. LOL! These videos are funny, but don't blame the kids, it's not their fault. And no need to start tribalism here *comment above* There are plenty of high quality Igbo music videos. There's good and bad in every tribe, race, and creed on earth.