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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nigerian UrbanDictionary

So you know urbandictionary?

I'm thinking about starting up a Nigerian one. At the moment, the idea is not so ambitious. It could grow...or it could die prematurely. I just think it would be great to google "gast" and find the meaning somewhere on the internets.

I really out of the loop (is that the phrase) on Nigerian internet slang so I'll need help. You can hit us up on twitter or email with suggestions.

Example format => word/phrase - e no too poss
meaning - it is not possible
example - yaradua is alive? E no too poss

So are you ready to help?


  1. i like this idea. would also be helpful for all the new net abbreviations flying around teh Nigerian interwebz.

  2. Feel free to expatiate on their descriptions, but here goes...
    Aproko - gossip
    Pale - Father
    Padi - Friend

  3. there is already one.

  4. @ anon

    didn't know that. Thanks. Do you know who runs it?