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Friday, March 5, 2010

You kidnapped the wrong person. WTF????

I won't lie SuperSport was my shit when I was in Nigeria. Soccer all day? I was in there like swimwear. Sometimes I wish FSC was half as good as SuperSport, it would make my weekends just perfect.

Anyway, word on the street is that some SuperSport folk were kidnapped. 3 of them Nigerian and the other a South African. Being Nosa, I didn't read the rest of the news report and assumed Peterside Idah was one of them. I mean, what are the odds? If 3 Nigerians from SuperSport are kidnapped, one of them has to be Nigerian. Who wouldn't kidnap Peterside if they had the chance? Ignore his Arsenal/Nigeria bias (I know it's hard, just try), Peterside is like King Obvious. So the score is 1-0 at half time, what does Peterside recommend they do? They need to score a goal to equalize the game and maybe another to win it (probably not verbatim). Seriously? You get paid all that money to say that BS. I could do that...infact I'll do it for free.

Dear God, I hate Peterside.

You think I'm the only one who thinks he's clueless?

Read this comment on this article
Peterside has no clue. No UAE player failed the MRI rather those players recieved straight red cards in the Under-16 AYC before voming to Nigeria for the World Cup......dang. Similarly, he's failed as analyst on TV, media officer of the Super Eagles and clearly showed that he lack basic communication skill. He should focus on his church and seek another career away from the media-related profession

It's like he took the words out of my mouth.

Enough of my rant.

...[the kidnappers] demand that the federal government send more oil-industry funds to Nigeria’s southern region, which remains poor despite five decades of oil production.


You kidnapped two cameramen and two no-name journalists to get attention?

Kidnapping? You are doing it wrong.



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