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Friday, March 26, 2010

Stuff Nigerians Love: MI's Lyrics

I know this is not healthy but I LOVE MI's lyrics. So I have been playing the video below. The lyrics are just banging. So here is the part that has just been rummmaging through my brain in the past 48 hours since I have heard the song

Yes Boss, MI with the Flow Boss,
No more, yes Boss, No boss,
No Boss so long you scope us
While you eat green like Locust
So us masses live low cost
Hunger Poverty choke us
You say there is a new plan for us
There is no light, how you gonna show us,

He just upstaged Drake in my mind :)


  1. eh... i wouldn't go as far as to say he upstages Drake. His style is new and different, of course, but most of the time his raps are just rhyming the same word with a similar sounding word and he doesn't mess with the rhythm at all. he takes one sound and multiplies it 50 times until i never want to hear it again. It bores me, to be completely honest. at first it was cool, but now i'm like - step your game up.

    That being said, the last five lines of that rap are pretty good - better than what he usually brings. he should do more of that and less of the "yes, boss, no boss, flow boss" - ugh it's annoying even as I type it.

    you could argue that he's being more creative by getting the most out of one sound/rhyme... but, there's a thin line between boundless post-modernist creativity and plain laziness.

  2. To be fair, I wrote it really late at night. Maybe I'll change my mind now.

    And yes, Angela, I thought yes boss, no boss thing was annoying.

    He has a new albulm out soon, so we'll see.