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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You searched for wut???

Every once in a while when I can't sleep, like today, I look at the sitemeter stats from our website to see who's reading and who just came here for my awesome pictures. Sometimes I stumble across some interesting google searches that led some people here but today I found one like none other.

Like this...

So someone in Santa Clara, CA searched for "igbo porns" on their phone (opera mini was used and the inner dweeb in me spotted it and the unknown os is another clue).
I might be Nigeria's leading intellectual on Porn in Nollywood but I'm sorry, I have no "igbo porns". 


I wonder what Sugabelly thinks. I wonder if this dispels my myth that igbo people can't use computers. was on a phone so my theory still stands. HAH!!


  1. @Nosa: Shege!!! OMG! WTF??? Igbo porns?

  2. Lol.. couldn't help laughing uncontrollably.. Nice what you guys have gone going on here. Be sure I'm your new follower!
    please visit,
    Thank you so very much

  3. @Sugabelly

    Blame the guy who searched for "igbo porns"


    Thanks for the support

  4. hahahahahahahaha!!!!! I love this site. You guts keep me laughing. "Igbo porns", ehn?