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Monday, November 8, 2010

Foreign Ororo

ChiChi: But it is smelling!
Johnbull: What is smelling? The smell does not mean anything.

Sule: We hope the fish will come, as in another one will come again so we can pounce on it.

What is "loose stools"?

Sea pork?

Sea elephant?


I don't think I can. I can't be able.

Live aquarium. Moses. Red sea. Sign from God.

No, I really can't be able. I want to give my regular commentary but this is too much for me to handle tonight. I can't top this. Can somebody autotune this for me? Especially the "sea pork" part.


  1. haha....the octopus part got me laffin hard...wat kind of pics has the guy been seeing...Naija sha...after all that funniness tho, it's also kinda sad...ignorance isn't bliss @ all...

  2. OMFG I cant believe this was a serious news report. Comot there

  3. This is pretty funny but kinda sad in a way still.