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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reason #1684025 you shouldn't make a religious leader president

Nigerians used to be the most educated people in the world until the likes of  Abacha and the Murtala Muhammed came and scattered our educational system to slow  down the South so that the North can catch up, instead of speeding up the North
Paul Adefarasin, Senior pastor of House On The Rock.

 How do you endear yourself to the Northern half of the country? Call them stupid. I can totally imagine Obama calling all Americans below the Mason-Dixon line "inbred hicks". It would do so much for his approval ratings.

Tact, this man has none of it.


  1. When our education system went to shit, i don't think it was an elaborate plot to make southerners dumber.
    It was just poor governance.
    He says our government has been "Islamized" but wasn't Obsanjo Christian?
    Isn't Jonathan christian?
    Has sharia been forced over everyone?
    Aren't there horrible christian political leaders?

  2. ummm...i'm not disagreeing with you with the fact that it doesnt matter what the person's religious beliefs are.
    i'm agreeing with the fact that abacha and murtala did ruin nigeria.

  3. Truth is we are all guilty of allowing religious fervor overwhelm us negatively and blind us. For every Pastor calling out for christians to vote for only christains during elections, there is an Imam somwhere instructing his congregation to vote for only muslims. That's how low we've descended in Nigeria. So sad.