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Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh Sheeiit!!! New Majela Jams!!!!!

Not one but two!!!!!

The first one is for William and Kate. She wants Will's penis in her vagina, pretty much.

She has like a whole new beat and whatnot. I think she hooked up with Don Jazzy for this one and I heard D'Banj might be on the remix. IDJA!! She switched up her wardrobe too. No more "cyclers" now.

The next one is dedicated to Barack and God's own country. I don't think Michelle would be too cool with her approach though. At least, she apologized. Such a classy woman.

She has a tiara on in this one, as the queen of pussy, vagina, and gentalia. Anyone notice how she's wearing less clothes with each video? When she performs in bra and pant, I think the interweb might just explode. She also thanks her fans in this video but she doesn't shout Eve out. Maybe they have some super secret collabo in the works.

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