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Monday, December 13, 2010

What did Santa have for lunch?

Eve's long lost Edo cousin is back again. She's back with a brand new jam just for the season although I'm pretty sure the name of the song is illegal in at least 23 countries.
You can bet this song will kill the clubs this christmas. I don't know about you but I'll be jigging to this shit in Rehab, if I can get in. I mean, Rehab is exclusive and shit these days. Didn't you see how they gated Ikechwukwu? Homeboy vexed bad. Isn't he famous? He had that one song that sounds like an Igbo version of Eminem's "My Name Is". If they are gating him, I wonder what will happen to me? I might just have to roll with my 16 year old cousin. He's an expert on all these owambe things.

Anybody notice how Majela's stage presence is improving? She now has more moves and more variations of her signature pelvic thrust. Yes, that pelvic thrust is all hers. That Keri Hilson lady thinks she's slick. She bit Majela's style for that her pitiful video and didn't even cite her sources. Poor form, Keri. Speaking of pelvic thrusts though, why does it look like Majela has a penis? I'm not going to expatiate on that.

Why does she want Santa so bad though? I thought she didn't do men with beards. Majela is beginning to confuse me. That bit at the end was creepy too. I was mildly disturbed when she went acapella. I have two Majela theories, she could either be doing this for the lulz or this might be the only way she gets to keep her Italian visa. Either way, I just hopes she features Eve on her next jam. It could be a family reunion of some sort. Eve probably knows she has a long lost Nigerian relative. That has to be the only reason she went all the way to Nigeria to host the MAMAs. Either that or she's trying to cash in on whatever strand of relevance she has left. Probably the latter.

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  1. Just in case you haven't seen the fabulousness that is our queen of Vajays being interviewed.