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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whose "angels"?

For the last five years, I’ve hated this time of year. The half assed articles from shit journalists, the patronizing facebook statuses, and now the patronizing tweets. I have a confession to make, I hate when non-LJC people talk about the sixty “angels” we lost. To be clear, I consider friends and family of the Loyola Jesuit College community to be “LJC People”. The journalists, the shit rappers, and public figures? Yeah, those are the ones I hate.

Sure, it is childish and immature. I never claimed not to be either. I mean, I spend time looking for Majela and AfroCandy videos on the interweb, so I am clearly not the most mature person out there. I hate reading the same articles and statuses. They tell me to pray for the “Angels” lost, they say it like they knew them. How do you know they were “angels”? If the “angels” were still alive, would you call them “angels”? Would they still be the “brightest” set of kids the nation ever produced? I hate that one too. The “brightest” set of kids the nation ever produced. Like Uzodinmma was some commodity and if he came back, GEJ would not be the same old moron.

But they still keep calling them “angels”. They say it like they knew the “angels”? They say it like they hugged Toke before she left school. They say it like they made fun of Wole’s height. They say it like they ever sat and wondered how Chuka ever got that hot girlfriend. They say it like they were there. If they cared, they would have stopped it. If they cared, they wouldn’t have let Babangida or Atiku back in. If they cared, they wouldn’t tell me to pray about Toke like I don’t do it already.

I don’t miss them because of all this shit that keeps getting bandied about by these shit journalists and public figures. I don’t miss them because they were “angels” or I thought they were the “brightest”. I miss them because I knew them and I was friends with them.

If you really care, you’ll do something.


  1. Two Words: Thank you! :)

  2. I LOVE!!! God bless you! xxxxx

  3. I wish I could hug you for this!!!!
    Speaking our hearts, thanks :)