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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Na Wa 4 U

Okay, so I found this blog or actually sugabelly did and I think it is absolutely hilarious.

Do yourself a favor and visit it.

This post in particular is teh lulz

Ummm First of all, is this babe breathing at all? why tha heck is that boy look like a corpse? and why is she even closing her eyes like say the thing dey sweet her? Why is his top black lip suffocating her? why tha heck is she trying to suck out the living goodness out of the guy's lower lip?..............PLS SOMEONE TELL ME WHATTA HECK is going on in this picture....Is this a saliva tranfusion or smth?
U know I be hearing a lot of girls saying that Naija guys aren't romantic and stuff.....But I could also say the same about Naija girls too :) Come on u see what trying to act or be like the western people can cause?
Although i can bet that both peeps dont even know how to spell what they are doing, but to be honest tho, this is just a typical Naija gal kissing :)   Always tryna suck your tonsils out your throat while slobbering you with slime all over....
HA HA ...I love my Naija babes jare, but una know say na true wey i dey talk shaa

I. Am. #dead. I need to find whoever runs it and get him/her here, shit's hilarious.


  1. hahahaha, i know this guy. and angela (do you even still participate on this blog anymore?) does too. she can contact him for you.

  2. Angela is lazy.

    Can you ask him if he wants to do guest posts

  3. Oh i found this blog a while ago and i spent the whole night going over old posts and literally laughing out loud and holding my sides.

    The Alex dude is a clown!

  4. follow this link to get in touch...
    the blog was started by Alex, but idomagirl contributes sometimes...

    alex is the main guy behind the blog sha...

  5. I followed your link but I couldn't find any email address.

  6. sorry. let me ask him & i'll get back to you.

  7. disappointed in the tribal bashing going on in your blog...pls we need to stick together rather than feeling cool about nothing..Igbotic, Hausa, Ngbati blah blah blah is all childish

  8. Dear Peter,
    There's a big fat disclaimer up top.

  9. The disclaimer is like telling an acrophobic person, 'Don't look down!'