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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You searched for wut??? Pt. III

I can't sleep again. I guess that means I should do another post since the last one didn't amuse me much. I wonder why my body can't function like every other person's. This nonsense has been happening all summer. I go to bed like every other kid at 9 pm but unlike every other kid, I wake up at 12 am. I might have to resort to sleeping pills. Until then, this will suffice.

I guess this person was looking for statistical proof that Igbos are hated in Nigeria. Are Igbos hated in Nigeria? I mean, they do have Jewish proclivities. In America, Jews are considered fiscally sound aka selfish bastards. At least that is what my numerous white friends have made me believe and you know what they say about stereotypes.
I honestly doubt Igbos are hated in Nigeria though. I think we all subconsciously hate Hausa people. It probably has something to do with the fact they've been in power so much despite the fact we think they are as stupid as shit. Don't lie, you know you think Hausa people are stupid.

Can someone shoot me an email when "" goes live? I doubt it'll be anytime soon though. If anything, "" will go up first. You know how Ghana likes feeling like they can outdo Nigeria every damn time. They already have a head start too, see Hot Fork and Wapipi Jay. Don't even ask me how I know about those titles.

I didn't know there was a "nigerian" way of saying LMAO. I thought we said "LMAO" like other people or does this person want to know how to say it in "Nigerian"? You know I'm fluent in "Nigerian". I know I never told you that but it is one of the numerous languages I speak, up there with. If you don't believe me, ask all the Americans that wanted to know if I spoke "Nigerian" or "African".

or maybe the person was looking for "LWKMD"? I doubt this is the case. It makes way to much sense so I'm just going to go with my earlier stated stance.


  1. Too late...check out they already beat us to it.

  2. hahaha! LWKMD!! I speak fluent Nigerian!