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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nude Nigerian Woman on the Innerwebz...for realz this time

We've waited a long time for this. It was inevitable as soon as everybody and their housegirl started getting a blackberry.

I'm not going to put the picture up but i'll link you to it.

You know she's Igbo, right? It's only Igbo people that can be that yellow. The Igbo brand of light skin is different from the regular strain. I call it "Igbo Yellowness". This doesn't suddenly mean Igbo people are suddenly computer literate though. She uploaded the picture via ubertwitter, i.e. through her blackberry, and phone =/= computer.

Anybody else appreciate the use of a bowl? It gives her "I'm Baffing" pose some authenticity. I can dig it.

She loses some cool points for that forest between her legs though. That shit can only be saved by a forest fire. She should know better. If you took "Taking Nude Pictures 101", you'd know that shaving your bush is the most important thing. Right after "being prepared to photoshop the shit out of it".

In conclusion, I'd hit but then again, I have little to no standards. Haha.

UPDATE: The picture has been taken off the innerwebz. I got a screencap just in case.


  1. Her bush is pretty.what's your beef. I would munch that carpet.
    Nom nom nom.

  2. Nice tits.

    Nothing wrong with some hair down there joo.