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Friday, August 13, 2010


I really can't believe there hasn't been a Bez post on here seeing as he went to LJC. LJC folk tend to stan their own...hard. Bez and I are hombres. By hombres, I mean I washed his friend's clothes when I was in JSS2. So yeah we go way back like a high top fade.

On a serious note though, Bez makes beautiful music. I won't front at all. The hater in me wants to hate his stuff but it's hard. I can't find any reason too.

Bez - More You from Kemi Adetiba on Vimeo.

I like the whole sixth sense vibe of the video.

In conclusion, I am Nosa and I support this artist. Eat shit if you don't. The End.

PS: The priest dude in the video was socials prefect. The big guy comforting the lead lady is the priest's cousin.


  1. though the whole "the reason she can't see me is because i'm dead!" thing is cliched, the video seems somehow new. it's nicely done. and i like the song. Bez tends to go for minimalist and listening to him is always a nice change from your regular Nigerian music. Nigerian indie FTW. All the other Nigerian non-hip-hop artists should start coming out of the woodwork too.

    p.s. i won't be surprised if that whole funeral was filled with LJC alums. I think I spied Sohks somewhere there...

  2. i saw it earlier on bellanaija.its a kinda song that helps relax me.