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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maybe Hausa people aren't stupid

You can marry a young girl, but you are not permitted to consummate the marriage or to meet her sexually until when she can bear it physiologically, psychologically and physically.

In this post, I said

...Or he could just be letting her mature until she is ripe. Is that how Hausa* people do it? I guess we could all take a cue from them, eh? I should start hanging out in maternity wards and marry as many cute babies as I can find. One of them has to be hot, right?

I knew Hausa people weren't that stupid. Why do you think they've been in power or around it for so long? There's this law in "48 Laws of Power" that suggests you appear stupid so other people underestimate you or something close, I forget. Hausa people have clearly mastered this shit. They are waaaaay ahead of the curve. Seriously, what other tribe drafts based on potential?

Ok, that last bit might confuse you if you are not familiar with the draft system in American sports. In American sports, athletes from high school or college are selected by teams to become pro. This process is called drafting. When you draft based on potential, you select a player based on what you think he can become. That's pretty much it in cliffnotes.

This is how the ugliest Hausa men always end up with the hottest wives. They just hang around the maternity ward or playground and scout talent. Their now hot wives probably weren't shit when they were say 7 or 8 years old. Trust me, it's better for the child to be ugly while young because there's nowhere to go but up. Every girl I thought was meh in LJC is now a budding Sanaa Lathan. Sometimes I slap myself for not investing earlier like the Hausa man. The Hausa man clearly sees the big picture unlike the rest of us. We are only interested in how she looks now while the Hausa man is interested in how she will look in 10 years when she's 18. You know what? As soon as I'm done posting this, I'm going to the nearest playground to find my wife. The rest of you can be dulling yourselves as you protest.

Video from this article


  1. *Dials 911* *begins to inform all anti-pedophile groups*

  2. Hello! Pls where can I find the complete video?

  3. I dont know where the full video is. I asked around but that's about it.

  4. tunda fia you...if is see you near my maternity ward when i born go hear nwehn!