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Monday, August 23, 2010

Yorubas are all liars.

If you aren't familiar with the Nadum Nwitua story, read it here.

Being the good person that I am, I have decided to extract all his quotes from the article. When you are done reading, you'll appreciate this good that I have done.

First, he channels his Bill Clinton,
I have never touched her

Then he proceeds to confuse me,
I have being arrested for an offence I have no idea; when everyone knows she has a boyfriend, Kennedy, who must have impregnated her. Why has he not being arrested and brought here?
But he's not done. He gives us his best OJ Simpson impression.
 Comfort was given to me by her father and brother for marriage. I paid them about N25,000. Even if I impregnated her, am I not a man? So what crime have I done? All this allegations are just lies. Everybody that is a Yoruba is a liar. All you Yorubas are all liars.

Must. Not. Trust. Yorubas.

But his lawyer, Vure Kara, is even more precious.
 Our law is clear, once a person is within the age of 16 years, the issue of having intercourse with anybody is not a crime at all. It is only if you have sexual intercourse with any person under 16 that it is a crime. So if that happens, it will be resolved. There is always a way about it.
And there you have it folks, rape is just sexual intercourse. I always knew women liked crazy shit.

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