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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Majela > AfroCandy > Vic.O

I guess Desmond Elliot isn't with the key to the studio anymore.

Ever wondered what happened to Igbo people after 419 evolved to Yahoo-Yahoo?

Just think about it. You are an Igbo man, computer illiterate obvs, and your 419 money dwindling after that new Lexus. That's like a wake up call, which forces you to revaluate your path. It's like talking to your counsellor in JSS3, will you be an art or science student. This time, you are faced with three options: "Import & Export", spare parts business, or music.

Most of your daddies probably went for the first two smarter options but the few ballsy ones went for the third. It has worked out for Ruggedman so far. He still can't rap for shit but he is making some money. As for the rest, look no further than this specimen called Vic.O.

Dead. Deader. Deadest

Dude didn't even try. There are a shit ton of mgbekes in Ikeduru hoping some man from obodo oyibo will scoop them and make them video hos. Ugh!

Dear Vic. O,

Just marry a fat Dutch woman, get your Dutch residency, and find a job at the nearest grocery store. This music thing isn't for you.  If you still want to give it one last shot, call up AfroCandy, and remix "Ikebe Na Moni". Both of your careers need it anyway so it's a win-win.

Your Fans


  1. ...yeah he's definitely having a laugh...guy sounds like he's not even sure about what he's going to see...even when people are delusional, levels

  2. lmaoo...funny ass post but u wanna bet that VicO aint igbo? i mean, all u guys think anyone east of the Niger is Ibo!

  3. My friends, following research, I have discovered that he is based in Italo, selling shoe and bag.

  4. If you did your research then you will find out that he is NOT igbo. He is from CALABAR. Did not know calabar and igbo were the same thing sha...

  5. VIC.O or what ever you call your name please stop fooling yourself on the internet, please consider the fact that you will have kids one day and i am very sure that they don't wanna see all of this bullshit carry on; or you are doing this on purpose just to get views on you-tube? either way please give it up rapping is not your thing