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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I Dont know if some of u know this girl sef...anyways she goes by the name Sasha, and she claims to be a good Naija female rapper. As for me, i've only heard one of her songs sha....and dont get me wrong i was a lil bit impressed tho :)
Anyways she recently posted in her tweet that entertainers should have their own private plane. This was as a result of the frequent cancellation of flights and delays tho.

“Maybe we need an airline strictly for entertainers…hmmmm soul plane or pigeon plane? Air traffic is seriously needing a Brt (BRT) lane!”

But Nawa ohh.....cos u don rap and feature for a couple of songs, and now u considering urself an entertainer?...Enter-wetin? u see this na the problem with all these Naija entertainers wey never go anywhere yet. Anyways shey entertainers should have their own private plane huh..then go buy one nah, or tell the govt to provide one for u..wetin u dey wait for?

Nna ehhn..nothin wey person no go see or hear from some of these our local champions these days oh....When people like the Adenuga's and the Dangote's suppose dey talk about private plane, then housegial wan follow talk join.............DUMB ASS CHICK :)