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Thursday, January 13, 2011

So we are monkeys now, ehn?

But if we are really monkeys, why can't she go back to obodo oyibo and hang out with regular people? 


  1. This girl na mammoth pikin! Stupid bastich

  2. A country full of monkeys don't exactly mean that Nigerians are monkeys. It just means we have a lot of monkeys living in the country among Nigerians. Such monkeys include:
    1. Leaders with no sense of direction.
    2. Followers who contribute to the problems in the system by doing things d wrong way.
    3.Expatriates (who can not even spell their names) who find themselves in key positions in Nigeria due to their ability to take 'advantage' of a bad situation. E.g. Madam Cosmopolitan.

  3. If she feels so strongly about Nigerians, why is she subjecting herself to the pain? She can just leave. It's not hard

  4. The funny thing is that a lot of nigerians in America do the same thing she did. And americans tell us the same thing y'all have told her "why cant you just leave".