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Thursday, January 13, 2011

They See Me Healin', They Probin'

Last year, I was going to do a post about Pastor Chris getting getting probed by EFCC for money laundering but I got lazy, as usual. I completely forgot about the whole episode until I found another Pastor Chris post on Linda Ikeji's blog. This time it was about folks getting charged N1,000 to get in the NYE service.
I've always thought Pastor Chris was dodgy but I didn't want Amadioha to strike me so I kept my thoughts to myself.

N1,000 tho? Are they selling the visa to heaven in the church or is that just the application fee? I can understand collecting multiple offerings to fund the pastor's Hummer but to charge a gate fee is just...
Can someone who attended or attends this church explain this thing to me? Clearly, I'm missing something here. Isn't this the same dude that healed some blind fellow a while back and after healing the newly sighted man could identify colors. -_____-

The doubted Jesus when he first set foot on the the scene, so maybe there's something special in the church. I don't want to miss the second coming of Jesus so if you are in the know, please clue me in abeg. 

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