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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nigerian Prostitutes Don't Play

Nigerian prostitutes are probably the hungriest of Nigerian business folk. If they are not kicking their Ghanaian counterparts out of the market, they exporting themselves to Italy. I remember going to meet a friend at Pattaya this christmas and there was one working the corner. Sounds like normal stuff, right? Yeah, but it was like 4 pm and the sun was still out. That's probably the earliest I've seen a prostitute out. They say ashewo no be work, they lied.

allAfrica put up this story today. In America, it's usually the customers that bang the prostitutes, beat them up, and then steal their money. American prostitutes clearly have nothing on the Nigerian ones. Emeka, Nnamdi, and Cornelius thought they were slick when they didn't bring money to cover their kpoxing session. The men even loaded up on viagra. 

Eyewitness said that the prostitutes, in anger, teamed up and dealt them heavy blows, leaving them with deep-cut injuries. They were taken to the hospital in Benin after the intervention of some elders in the area.

No kpanching without cashing. Ok, that was cheesy but whatevs.

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