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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Message from the Sarah Jubril Camp

Before somebody attacks me, I believe Sarah is a very brave woman. She stood up to the political old boys and whatnot. Ok, maybe she didn't do much damage but she still got her name on the voting thing, which is pretty big, I guess. Nigerian women should be proud of her...

...BUT one vote tho?

Has Sarah won anything that has to do with voting? She's been losing the party bid thing since I was born. That takes dedication. Lots and lots of it. On a serious note, when they voted for class prefect in primary 6, did Sarah win? Did Sarah even win the nomination in her house? I pity her driver, he had to wait till the very end. He could have avoided all that traffic if she gave up early.

Sarah won somewhere though. She won my heart and she was trending on twitter. Atiku and Jonathan weren't twitter relevant like that. More grease to her elbow.  -__-

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